do we recognize inspiration anymore?

If what I’m hearing in the media is correct, there is a growing tide against the “have’s” in American society.

I’ve never understood this, and I especially don’t get it now. The tales of hardship are numerous and easy to find. In some ways, they’re not even really news, anymore.

What I don’t understand is why part of the story is scorn and bitterness toward those who’ve “made it.” Despite what the news tells us, there are people out there who are enjoying success.

Instead of trying to make them feel guilty or attempting to take their money to bail out others, why don’t we hold these people up as examples of success?

During the last campaign, Obama purchased a half hour for a campaign ad. In that half hour, he introduced us to several families to show us how difficult their lives are and how they can’t make ends meet.

I wonder if America would have been better served to meet three of four families or people who started a business or found a job and enjoyed success.

It seems to me we could all use a healthy dose of optimism right now. But it won’t just come from words. Let’s focus on some real examples of people who are making it in the current circumstances.

America is about the freedom to pursue your happiness and dreams. Not everyone’s dreams are the same, which is one of the great things about it. No one, not the government or anyone else, defines success for us.

Sure, there are people who own their own planes or multiple houses. But to question that or try and take it away from them (or even make it harder to achieve and/or maintain) goes against the very heart of what makes America special.

People in America can move freely from class to class. Instead of celebrating when someone successful fails or sees hard times. We should focus on celebrating when someone rises up and succeeds.

Let’s stop trying to get even by bringing people down. How about we focus, instead, on getting even by raising people up?

Disclaimer: I am not, by any means, rich – nor do I aspire to be. I don’t own a private jet, but I’m happy for those who do. I don’t own a huge house, but I’m fine with those who have chosen to (providing I don’t have to pay their mortgage).

It’s time to start feeling good about anyone who enjoys success. To wish ill on those who are enjoying themselves is unhealthy and destructive to the future of our country.


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