you gotta start somewhere, right?

Hey there,

I’ve been quietly sitting back and taking things in for the past 20 years or so, and I finally got to the point… well, i see a void in the great conversation.

There are a lot of voices out there – mainstream/classic media, blogs, twitters, facebook status/groups, news aggregators, etc. But I never hear my own take on things reflected in the news or from our leaders.

After sitting around for years talking about how things would go well if they just said “x,” I finally decided to join the dialogue. There are plenty of sources for statistics, references and proof. Instead, I’m going to take things from more of a human perspective.

Most things come down to what many, inappropriately, call “common sense.” But, if it were common, than a majority of people would have it, right?

My intent it to discuss current events from a “man on the street” perspective and shed some light on a little philosophy. But we’ll also talk about marketing, music and me, too. Please take a read, and if you like, spread the word.

Be well…


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