we’re not created equal

Where does the notion come from that any two people should have equal results.

Like with the idea that we can possibly understand the dynamics of the earth’s climate, what makes us think that two people’s lives can follow an equal path.

No two people have had the same experiences, education, opportunities or luck. Some people are wealthy because they made the right decisions at the right time. Some “worked harder.”

Some worked really hard and ended up with an average income. Some worked two jobs and ended up relatively poor.

But society seems to have this strange urge to make everyone the same. To equalize the outcome.

To what end? There are wealthy people who are miserable, and poor people who are having the time of their life.

I think money gets way too much credit for the affect it has on people. Some people think about it all of the time, and others never sweat it.

Conservatism is about limited government. But, in a sense, it’s also about leaving others alone and being left alone yourself.

I don’t want people watching me to make sure I’ve got as much as the next guy, and I also don’t want them checking to see that I don’t have too much.

The world will never be equal from person to person. That’s what makes it great. Everyone has their own story and set of experiences. Let’s not assume they’re happy or miserable based on how much money they are perceived to have.

Some rich people have no savings, and some poorer people have saved a surprising amount. Either way, you’ll never know. But we should clear the decks as much as is possible to let people pursue happiness as much as they want and to the best of their ability.


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  1. So is this blog done, or what? Can I remove it from my bookmarks?

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