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atlas shrugged – it never really goes away, does it?

I just read in the Economist that sales of Ayn Rand’s classic, Atlas Shrugged, are spiking again – and have been since Obama’s inauguration.

Like many, I read Atlas Shrugged in college, and, like many, it completely changed my life. It’s one of those rare books that comes along and forever changes the lens through which you see the world.

The premise of the book, in brief (especially compared to the 1,000+ pages of the book), is what would happen if all of the talented, motivated achievers of the world just decided they were done being taken for granted, scorned and unappreciated and decided to all disappear. I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to tell that by disappear, I mean they all find a place where they can live together, free from the dependents who continually took from them with no give-back or appreciation.

No book has remained a part of me as much as this one, and I can’t recommend it strongly enough. We’re living the first half of the book right now. What I wonder is if the achievers decided to check out, where would they go? (I’m thinking California will be ripe for the taking, soon… just a thought).

Even if you don’t think you can make it through the entire book, read the first 100 pages. The opening scene on the train will strike a chord with you immediately.