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conservatism hits the road

I was driving to work today when I ended up behind a guy doing 30 mph in a 40 mph zone.

The first chance I got, I attempted to pass him. He sped up his car so that I couldn’t (or most couldn’t… I don’t give up easily).

To me, this was a great example of conservatism applied. One of the roots of conservatism is minding your own business and letting people live their own lives.

If someone wants to pass me, I let them. If they want to go 80 in a 40, why not? Survival of the fittest. If I let them pass me, then they’re no longer tailgating me or giving me the finger or whatever. I let them pass, and they’re out of my life. They get to go fast, I get to go my own speed.

To purposefully try to keep someone behind you is to actively assert control over another. And all it does is make sure both parties are pissed off – which opens the door to a more dangerous ending.

The man who tried to prevent me from passing was a liberal. The Obama sticker told me so (at least they’re clearly labeled… almost all of them in Madison). A conservative would have let me go, and might even have pulled to the shoulder to ensure a safer pass.